We are a full-time nationally accredited and award winning photography company that uses our leading-edge creative and technical skills, extensive photography experience, professional-grade equipment and software, to deliver extraordinary results, value, and peace of mind to our clients, guaranteed!


What Does this Mean to You?

  • the peace of mind of a no-risk 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • high quality images that’ll stand out
  • consistent and reliable service
  • money saving recommendations based on our hard-earned experience
  • we’re available when you need usthe
  • convenience of versatility in one company

Oher Features We Bring to You

Large selection of pro camera, lighting, and computer equipment to handle simple to complex jobs quickly.

Calibrated EIZO professional LCD monitor and an intimate understanding of colour management so your digital files are perfect.

Professional image editing software and retouching skills when you need them.

20 years of computer and electronic engineering background. Technical? Bring it on!

Our Vision

To enrich people’s lives through leading-edge photography.


Dean Cebuliak


I’ve always had an eye for beautiful thinks as long as I can remember! Raised on a hobby farm in Vernon, British Columbia, it seems fitting that I’d settle back in my home town surrounded by the beautiful vistas of the Okanagan Valley. In 2001, with my background in electrical & computer technology, I discovered, and honoured my true calling by starting a full time photography business.

It all started by utilizing my engineering background to research and implement a new digital technique. It allowed me to create super high resolution panoramic images of the landscape, and once I learned to print them too, I was able to sell them out of a local gallery and frame shop. Through continual refining of the process and upgrading to the latest digital equipment and software, my landscape work now sells throughout the valley mostly as custom sized art pieces for homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

With one revenue stream not being enough to survive, I expanded upon my new found natural talent and evolved into the multi-faceted award winning photographer that I am today. A lifetime of experience, skills, and exacting standards became a powerful combination that enables me to create the quality commercial images and fine art landscapes that you see today.

Through this humbling process I earned the unshakable name of “Digital Dean” because of my expertise and passion for new technology. Two years later it finally gave in and renamed the business Digital Dean Photography, and at present I cater to both regular and the most discerning clients over Western Canada out of my home studio and gallery. With a large selection of lighting equipment, backup cameras, radio transmitters, professional software, and a four wheel drive, I have everything necessary to complete small jobs, all the way to very large on-location commercial photo shoots.

The Studio

Lighting equipment

We use our home studio for business portraits, small group families (usually in the winter time), and shooting product. As you see, we are well stocked with Photogenic radio remote lighting gear, light modifiers, spare cameras, backgrounds, a laptop, and the bags to carry it all in.

Also in the studio is the office, a washroom for clients, a presentation area, as well as storage. Make an appointment and check out our gallery of client works and Okanagan landscape scenic artwork too.